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 About us: Our online store "Dini-Don" presents a unique handmade products made by different craftsmen. Each product is an enormous work and takes a lot of time. It is, first of all, a unique thing that can please you and your loved ones. In our store you can find many different products of any color, size and for any age. Our online store has just opened and so far is not so popular all over the world. But we will do our best to earn your trust, love and respect with superb and unique handmade products. And that is only the beginning! The catalog of our product is not big, but we are working on it! The the store "Dini-Don" will expand its range. What will be the new range? Is a secret now, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Delivery of goods is carried out within 7-17 days, it all depends on your domicile. Unfortunately, our store can not cover all of the countries of the world, but this problem will be solved over time. Dear friends! "Dini-Don" allows you to find a unique style for your home or a gift for your friends. You are presented with unique handmade products, in connection with this, they may differ slightly in color, height and width from the products presented in our online store. With respect Administration!

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